B4069 Lyneham Banks

Lyneham Banks landslip information and ongoing updates

In February 2022, a major landslip occurred on the B4069 at Lyneham Banks. Throughout 2022 we monitored ground movements to find a suitable window to access the site safely and undertake intrusive surveys. Following a period of significantly reduced ground movement during Summer 2022 we were able to access the site and begin these investigations. 

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Traffic Management

In November 2022 a series of traffic management changes were made to the roads around the B4069. This followed reports of a high number of unsuitable vehicles using the local roads around Lyneham, Bradenstoke and the surrounding parishes. The main changes were:

  • introduction of a new one way (Northbound only) on Clack Hill
  • introduction of new waiting restrictions at the southern end of Clack Hill
  • 40mph speed limits and 7.5T weight limits introduced on three local roads (Bowds lane, Trow lane and Cheesley Hill)

Ground Investigations

Ground Investigations took place at the end of 2022, and the information will help Wiltshire Council to gain a better understanding of how the land failed and to develop design options for repairing the road. The initial investigations have now been completed and a ground investigation report is being prepared to outline the findings. Wiltshire Council are now looking at options for repairing the road.

Stage of programmeTimescales
Ground investigationsOngoing - winter 2022
Design workSpring 2023 - winter 2023/24
ProcurementWinter 2023/24 - Spring 2024
ConstructionSpring 2024 - TBC

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