B4069 Lyneham Banks

Lyneham Banks landslip information and ongoing updates

In February 2022, a major landslip occurred on the B4069 at Lyneham Banks, Wiltshire. As a result of the landslip the B4069 has been closed until further notice. Since February the bank has continued to subside with the road alignment moving significantly from its original location. We have installed temporary signage to advise road users of the B4069 closure and the associated diversion route. A copy of the diversion route can be found in the downloads section.

As well as in person observations during site visits, a set of fixed monitoring points have also now been installed on site to record ongoing land movements in the area. The site will continue to be monitored until such time that it can be confirmed that the land has stopped moving. Once the landslip has stopped it will allow for us to undertake further work on the site. We expect that a series of ground investigations will need to be undertaken to enable us to find out more about the underlying ground conditions. The ground investigations will then inform any future designs for the road.

We are continuing to monitor the traffic impact on the local road network as a result of the B4069 closure.

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