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A350 Chippenham Bypass Improvements (Phase 4 and 5)

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Between November 2022 and February 2023, we asked residents and businesses in the Chippenham area, and wider A350 users, to share their views on phases 4 and 5 of plans to turn the remaining single carriageway sections of the A350 at Chippenham into dual carriageways. 

Following the feedback from the engagement event we have produced the report below which highlights the responses received to the questionnaire and additional comments around the scheme. 

A350 Chippenham Phases 4 and 5 - Public Engagement Report (OpenDocument text format) [2MB] (opens new window)

Appendix B - Public Engagement Questionnaire (OpenDocument text format) [22KB] (opens new window)

Appendix C - Public Engagement Webinar Q&A (OpenDocument text format) [101KB] (opens new window)

Appendix D - Chippenham Town Council Response (OpenDocument text format) [41KB] (opens new window)

We also held an online webinar about the scheme on Wednesday 11 January 2023, taking attendees through the  Appendix A - Public Engagement Booklet (PDF) [7MB] (opens new window) , and answering questions.

Watch a video of the webinar (opens new window)

Following the publication of the Factual Public Engagement Report we have considered the findings as the scheme design has progressed. Those considerations, and the response to the Public Engagement exercise is detailed within the A350 Chippenham Phases 4 & 5 - Public Engagement Report Response (July 2023) (OpenDocument text format) [2MB] (opens new window) .

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