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Bradford on Avon roadworks

New Signal Controlled Crossing - Trowbridge road, BOA

Wiltshire Council is investing £60,000 in a new signal controlled pedestrian crossing on Trowbridge Road, Bradford on Avon, to help improve safety for school children and other pedestrians when crossing this road.

The crossing is being installed near St Laurence Road following a request from Fitzmaurice Primary School and subsequent pedestrian assessment and feasibility report, which determined that the location meets the criteria for a formal crossing point.

The works are scheduled to begin with a one-day road closure of Trowbridge Road  on Saturday 15 August, when traffic will be diverted along Moulton Drive and Frome Road, with temporary two-way signals installed on Frome Road for the day to manage the flow of traffic.

Then, from Monday 17 August, temporary traffic signals will be installed on Trowbridge Road and a short section of St Laurence Road will be closed from its junction with Trowbridge Road. These signals will be manually controlled during the working day to minimise delays. The work is expected to last for four weeks.

For any further information regarding the scheme please get in contact with  integrated.transport@wiltshire.gov.uk.