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New active travel schemes

What is active travel?

Active travel means making journeys by physically active means, such as walking or cycling. Creating safer and more convenient routes for walking and cycling, particularly for shorter journeys, encourages active travel and helps people to live healthier lives, reduces the number of vehicles on our roads, lowers carbon emissions and improves air quality. On this page, you can find out more about various new active travel schemes around the county.

Countess Road, Amesbury

Background to the scheme

The scheme was identified in the 2013 Local Transport Plan Cycling Strategy as part of the Town Cycle Network for Amesbury. It is also shown in the updated network published as part of the draft Wiltshire Local Cycling and Walking Implementation Plan (LCWIP). It forms a key route for the Amesbury area and as part of a strategic route linking Salisbury and National Cycle Network Route 45 to Stonehenge. As part of the development of the Stonehenge tunnel project, National Highways completed a Connected Communities study. The study proposed a cycle link from Amesbury to Larkhill and then on to Stonehenge. The proposal is supported by the Benefits Steering Group for the tunnel project, which includes Wiltshire Council.

Previous consultation

A public consultation was held in 2022 on the principal of providing the route and the proposed route alignment. All stakeholders and residents living along Countess Road were notified of the scheme and were provided an opportunity to comment on the proposals. All the comments received were considered by the Cabinet Member for Highways who decided that officers should proceed with the delivery of the scheme. View the report considering the comments. It was determined that the route should be delivered and the concerns raised addressed through the design process. Officers recently met with some residents of Countess Road to discuss the Council's proposals and some of the concerns that exist.

The route

The proposed scheme route begins in the centre of the town, where it will link to the new cycling and walking scheme on the A345, The Centre. From there, the shared use path will go along Countess Road, over the A303 Countess roundabout with safe crossing facilities, then north to Fargo Road and Woodhenge, from where cyclists and walkers can head to Larkhill and Durrington via the Packway.

Countess Road Shared Use Path section 1 Amesbury
Countess Road Shared Use Path section 2 Amesbury
Countess Road Shared Use Path section 3 Amesbury
Countess Road Shared Use Path section 4 Amesbury

Benefits of the scheme

The scheme will serve as a vital link between Larkhill and Amesbury, promoting sustainable transportation and fostering community connections. By providing a safe, dedicated path for cyclists, it encourages residents to choose cycling over cars, reducing traffic congestion and lowering carbon emissions. This infrastructure not only supports daily commuting and leisure activities but also stimulates local economies by increasing access to shops, schools, and workplaces in both settlements. The scheme will also eventually form part of the cycling and walking routes from Amesbury past Stonehenge. This would encourage tourists to head to Amesbury town centre while visiting the ancient monument, and would boost the local economy.

Access to properties during construction

Accesses to residents' driveways will be fully maintained with a dropped kerb, and an area that vehicles are permitted to overrun. As such, residents will be able to pull off the carriageway and reverse into their driveways, as is shown in the following plans:

Countess Road Shared Use Path section 5 Amesbury
Countess Road Shared Use Path section 6 Amesbury

Countess Road, Amesbury, FAQs

Royal Wootton Bassett to Swindon cycleway

Information about the Royal Wootton Bassett to Swindon cycleway can be found on the dedicated Royal Wootton Bassett to Swindon cycleway page.



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