New active travel schemes

The engagement for the following two schemes has now ended, and we are considering the feedback received.

The two schemes are as follows:

Hilperton to Melksham via Semington

This scheme is intended to link Hilperton to Melksham via Semington, removing the need for cyclists to travel on the road of this section of the A361. There are two possible routes for people to comment on: both routes would start at Hilperton, with a closure on Devizes Road, and a length of shared-use path on the north side of the A361. The first route would then follow the A361 to Semington; the second route would access via byways 21 and 22 through to St George's Road in Semington. Both routes would then follow along Semington High Street and towards Melksham before reaching the A350.

Easton Lane cycle link between Chippenham and Corsham

The proposed Easton Lane cycle link between Chippenham and Corsham would see the prohibition of motor vehicles on Easton Lane at the bridge over the A350, removing through traffic and creating a light traffic route, before linking with the Wiltshire Cycleway.