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Road reallocation schemes

We have received funding from the Department for Transport (DfT) to progress the first four road reallocation schemes in Tranche 1. These schemes, which have been installed, make it easier and safer for pedestrians and cyclists to access shops, businesses and places of work without driving or using public transport, and also help people to maintain social distancing. The four Tranche 1 schemes are based on existing bus routes and link the city and town centres with homes and places of work on the edges of the city and towns; you can find out more about the schemes below.

We have also received funding for some Tranche 2 schemes. You can read the details of these below. The consultation into both Tranche 1 and Tranche 2 schemes has now closed. We will publish the results soon.

Download the Icon for pdf Emergency Active Travel Fund consultation plan [821.2KB]

Tranche 2 schemes

These schemes have not yet been progressed, and have been subject to public consultation

A420 Bristol Road, Chippenham

On the A420, the scheme would see a permanent new segregated facility for both cyclists and pedestrians between the junction with Woodland Road and the A350 bypass. This will further help to provide a safe route on the main road from Bumpers Farm.

View the map: Icon for pdf Tranche 2 - A420 Bristol Road, Chippenham [1.43MB]

Lowden Hill, Chippenham

This project would see improvements at Lowden Hill to provide continuous cycle and pedestrian facilities between Bath Road and Lowden Hill, and onwards into the town centre and railway station. The scheme would see the closure of the western section of the route to motor vehicles, to allow the footways to be widened and the carriageway made into a dedicated route for cyclists.

View the map: Icon for pdf Tranche 2 - Lowden Hill Chippenham [1.8MB]

Downton Road, Salisbury

This permanent shared-use cycle path will be created by widening into the verge. It will connect to existing shared path facilities on New Bridge Road via very low traffic streets, where a 20mph zone will be introduced, to the Britford park and ride site.

View the map: Icon for pdf Tranche 2 - Downton Road Hospital Path, Salisbury [2.03MB]

Hilperton to Melksham via Semington

This permanent facility complements the new cycling facility on the Hilperton Road, and links Hilperton to Melksham via Semington, removing the need for cyclists to travel on this section of the A361. The scheme starts at Hilperton, with a closure on Devizes Road, and then follows a length of shared-use path on the north side of the A361 to allow cyclists to access Whaddon Lane. The route then follows a byway to Semington, along High Street and towards Melksham before reaching the A350.

View the map: Icon for pdf Tranche 2 - Hilperton to Melksham [3.63MB]

Easton Lane cycle link between Chippenham and Corsham

This project would see a permanent closure on Easton Lane, just south of the junction with the B4528, before linking with the Wiltshire Cycleway.

View the map: Icon for pdf Tranche 2 - Easton Lane, Chippenham to Corsham [5.48MB]

Tranche 1 schemes

These schemes are already in place

A420 Chippenham

On the A420 in Chippenham, a segregated cycleway linking Bumpers Farm to the town centre, giving cyclists easy access to the centre of the town.

Icon for pdf Download the Chippenham A420 map PDF [1.01MB]

Chippenham, Monkton Hill

The temporary closure of Monkton Hill to motor vehicles, from St Mary's to the entrance of the Monkton Park council offices, which will provide cyclists and pedestrians more space to socially distance.

Icon for pdf Download the Chippenham Monkton Hill map PDF [576.87KB]

Trowbridge and Hilperton

A segregated cycleway on the A361 Hilperton Road in Trowbridge, from near the fire station into advisory cycle lanes from Stancomb Avenue to Hilperton Road roundabout, of more than 1km in total.

Icon for pdf Download the Trowbridge map PDF [1.01MB]

Bradford-on-Avon and Winsley

A segregated cycleway and footway on the B3108 between Winsley and Bradford on Avon, allowing easy access between the two, and giving cyclists the option of a traffic-free ride from Winsley, into Bradford on Avon and then on to Bath along the Kennet and Avon Canal.

Icon for pdf Download the Bradford-on-Avon map PDF [634.36KB]

Salisbury to Harnham

Salisbury cycleways to link Harnham to the city centre, allowing cyclists easy access to the city. The scheme will see one southbound lane on Brown Street turned into a cycleway and the removal of on-street parking on Exeter Street to create a cycleway on the street while maintaining two-way traffic.

Icon for pdf Download the Salisbury to Harnham map PDF [1.09MB]

Icon for pdf Download the Salisbury to Harnham technical map 1 PDF [1.91MB]

Icon for pdf Download the Salisbury to Harnham technical map 2 PDF [1.06MB]