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Household Recycling Centre Permit

All vans, pickups, or large trailers (between 1.8 and 3 metres) require a permit to visit any of Wiltshire's household recycling centres (HRCs).

All existing permits will no longer be valid from 13 May 2024. From this date, you will need to have re-applied for a new electronic permit. You can register for a new electronic permit now.

How to register

It can take up to two working days to receive your permit after applying.

To register you will need the following:

  • your contact details and full postal address
  • registration number of your van or pickup
  • size of your trailer

You will also be asked to pay a fee of £20 to enable us to administer the permit.

If you do not have access to email, please contact Customer Services on 0300 456 0102. 

Apply for a permit (iLforms) (opens new window)

How to use your permit

Once you have applied for a permit this will be issued via email in the form of a QR code within two working days. The QR code can be saved on your smartphone/other electronic devices, or you can print out a hard copy. When visiting a recycling centre, please show your permit to a member of site staff who will scan it, and this will reduce your remaining visits by one each time. You have a maximum of 12 visits per year. 

Vehicles requiring a permit

Vehicles which need a permit:

  • vans
  • vehicles with permanently removed rear seats and/or blanked out rear/side windows
  • flatbed or pickup type vehicles
  • vans converted for use as a horsebox
  • trailers between 1.8 and 3 metres long

Vehicles not requiring a permit

Vehicles which do not need a permit:

  • cars
  • 4x4s (excluding those which fall into the above categories)
  • small trailers (under 1.8 metres)
  • fully fitted camper vans

Vehicles not permitted at a HRC

These vehicles are not allowed at any HRC:

  • trailer over 3 metres
  • van, pickup or flatbed with a trailer (any size)
  • horse box trailer
  • vehicles over 3.5 tonne

Commercial waste cannot be taken to any of Wiltshire's HRCs. For more information regarding commercial waste and your responsibilities, visit our commercial waste page.

For more information, see Household recycling centres permits FAQ.

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