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Household waste

Use your bin to dispose of rubbish which cannot be recycled - such as plastic bags and plastic packaging.

Disruption to some waste and recycling collections due to snow and ice - 25 and 26 January 2021

Frozen surfaces are affecting many areas of the county, especially estate roads and footpaths.  This will disrupt some scheduled waste and recycling collections due yesterday (Monday 25 January) and is likely to affect collections today (Tuesday 26 January), as we can only collect where safe to do so. 

If your road has not been collected, please leave your bin out and we will attempt to revisit as soon as it is possible.  You do not need to contact us know if your road has been missed.

In particularly cold conditions, we sometimes experience problems with emptying garden waste bins where the contents have frozen.  Our refuse loaders will endeavour to release the contents but some frozen waste may remain in the bin.  Unfortunately, we will be unable to return to empty the frozen garden bins and would ask that you please release the contents before adding any more waste to the bin.

Please check our website for the latest information regarding disruption to the service.

You should only use your household waste bin to dispose of rubbish which cannot be recycled - such as plastic bags and  food waste.

Your bin is collected fortnightly. To make sure your rubbish is collected:

  • Put your bins out before 7am on your collection day
  • Put your bins at the edge of your property, at the kerbside, with the handle facing the road
  • Put your waste in securely tied bags inside your bin - we will not collect rubbish left next to your bin
  • Make sure your bin lid is closed. 
  • Take in your bin as soon as possible after collection

You can view a personalised collection schedule for your address online

You should only use your household waste bin for any rubbish that can't be recycled in your black recycling box, blue-lidded wheeled recycling bin or garden waste bin

If you find it difficult to put out your rubbish and recycling bins or bags, you can apply online for an assisted collection or by calling us on 0300 456 0102.