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Household waste

Use your household waste bin to dispose of rubbish that cannot be recycled.

Your household waste is collected every two weeks. All household waste, recycling, and garden waste collection dates are available on our waste collection calendar.

Waste collection calendar (opens new window)

Christmas collections

Waste and recycling collection dates will be delayed over the Christmas period. There will be no collections on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year's Day. See the table below for the rescheduled collection dates.

Christmas collection dates
Normal collection dateRevised collection date
Monday 25 December 2023Wednesday 27 December 2023
Tuesday 26 December 2023Thursday 28 December 2023
Wednesday 27 December 2023Friday 29 December 2023
Thursday 28 December 2023Saturday 30 December 2023
Friday 29 December 2023Tuesday 2 January 2024
Monday 1 January 2024Wednesday 3 January 2024
Tuesday 2 January 2024Thursday 4 January 2024
Wednesday 3 January 2024Friday 5 January 2024
Thursday 4 January 2024Saturday 6 January 2024
Friday 5 January 2024Monday 8 January 2024
Monday 8 January 2024Tuesday 9 January 2024
Tuesday 9 January 2024Wednesday 10 January 2024
Wednesday 10 January 2024Thursday 11 January 2024
Thursday 11 January 2024Friday 12 January 2024
Friday 12 January 2024Saturday 13 January 2024
Monday 15 January 2024Normal collections resume

What can go in your bin, and what cannot

You should only use your household waste bin to dispose of rubbish that cannot be recycled.

Do not put the following things in your bin:

Make use of your household recycling centre or use our large item collection service for items too big for your bin, and find information on Reducing your waste and composting.

Excess household waste that you cannot fit into your bin can be bagged and taken to any household recycling centre.

Avoiding smells and maggots

To help prevent smells and maggots, make sure:

  • all waste is bagged before you put it in your bin - anything that may cause smells should be double-bagged (for example, nappies or food waste)
  • the bin lid is securely shut to avoid flies getting in - try and store your bins out of direct sunlight in hot weather
  • you regularly clean your bin/s using bleach 

Putting out your bin

To make sure your rubbish is collected:

  • put your bins out before 7am on your collection day
  • put your bins at the edge of your property, at the kerbside, with the handle facing the road
  • put your waste in securely tied bags inside your bin, we will not collect rubbish left next to your bin
  • make sure your bin lid is closed

Take in your bin as soon as possible after collection.

If you find it difficult to put out your rubbish and recycling bins or bags, you can apply online for an assisted collection or by calling us on 0300 456 0102.

Requests for extra household waste bins 

By using Kerbside recycling, Reducing your waste and composting, the standard refuse bin should be large enough for the waste produced by most families.

If you are recycling all that you can and still have difficulty fitting all of your waste in your bin, we can assess if you need a larger or additional one. In some cases we will carry out a waste audit before approving your request. All households with a larger bin will have an annual review (which may include a waste audit visit).

To request a larger bin, go to our waste and recycling services (opens new window), and complete the 'Request a larger bin/container' form under the 'Additional services' section at the bottom of the page. You will need to create an account, and have a valid email address, to use this service.  

We will not provide a larger bin if you create more waste due to keeping pets.

My neighbour's bin looks different to mine

Our standard household waste bins are black 180 litre containers. Bins issued by former district councils may vary in size and colour. All new containers delivered will be of the council's standard size.

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