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Homeless or at risk of being homeless?

We will try and prevent homelessness wherever we can by supporting people to remain in their accommodation or finding suitable alternative accommodation. We can advise people who are homeless or at risk of losing their home e.g. because of a dispute with the landlord or problems paying rent. All our advisors are trained and will listen and respond sensitively to your needs. Information will be treated confidentially.

Housing Options will assess your situation and develop a personal action plan with you. This may include reasonable actions for you and Wiltshire Council to take to resolve the situation. If Housing Options are satisfied that you are eligible for assistance and threatened with homelessness due to a Section 21 Notice or within 56 days, then a prevention duty will be owed to you. A relief duty will also be owed to you for 56 days in these circumstances.

To help us give the best possible service, we will need information about your circumstances such as where you have previously lived and who makes up your household. We may also need personal information such as any medical conditions that you or a member of your household might have. You will be expected to co-operate with Housing Options and if it is found that you are deliberately and unreasonably refusing to co-operate this can result in Wiltshire Council discharging their relief duty towards your household.

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