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Council tenants - Maintenance and repairs

Report a Repair

You can report a repair using one of the following methods.

The following advice and tips will help you carrying out repairs in your home and managing your property. Each section has easy to follow steps and information on common repairs query's and repairs which tenants are responsible for carrying out, to help you get things fixed quickly and safely.

If you need more help or advice or to report repairs, contact us via the iHousing Portal. In an emergency contact Housing Repairs on 0300 456 0117 option 2.

Heating and hot water

Any faults with your heating or hot water system should be reported to Housing Repairs and an engineer will attend. The following advice is for common problems with the heating or hot water systems at your property.


Any faults with electrical fittings at the property should be reported to Housing Repairs immediately if there are any sparks, smoke or buzzing noises from the fitting or a smell of burning or discolouration of the fitting.



Doors and windows

Internal walls

Maintaining your garden

It is the tenant's responsibility to maintain the gardens at the front and rear of the property including any plants, bushes and trees present when you sign your tenancy.

Condensation, damp and mould

Damp in a property can lead to mould forming on surfaces and damaging walls, ceilings and furniture. The most common cause of damp is condensation forming in the property. The following advice will help you reduce the formation of condensation and deal with mould effectively. If the mould and damp continues after you have followed the guidelines, log a repair on the iHousing Portal.

Contact details

Visit the Housing Management contact details page for more information.

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