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New housing - our policies and strategies

Polices and strategies for new housing in Wiltshire.

Wiltshire Core Strategy and Wiltshire 2026: Planning for Wiltshire's Future (Local Development Framework)

The Wiltshire Core Strategy is the most important part of the Local Development Framework (LDF), a suite of planning policy documents that replace the Local Plans covering Wiltshire. The Wiltshire Core Strategy was formally adopted by Wiltshire Council on 20 January 2015. The Plan provides a positive and flexible overarching planning policy framework for Wiltshire for the period up to 2026. It is designed to sustainably balance the economic, social and environmental demands of the area. It is a plan to tackle Wiltshire's long-term growth aspirations through collaboration with local communities, business leaders and wider stakeholders.

Read about the Core Strategy.

Design standards

  • Good housing design can create places that are healthy, safe and desirable, making them better places to live
  • Good design takes into account functionality, durability and impact and the Building for Life definition of 'commodity, firmness and delight'
  • It also takes into account sustainable design, which responds to issues that include energy and resource efficiency, as well as accessibility, the use of public spaces and service infrastructure
  • The design of new developments should ideally include design for adaptation so that properties can accommodate occupants' changing needs and lifestyles

Relevant standards under consideration are:

Consideration is being given to which design standards Wiltshire Council will adopt, to avoid having a 'wish list' of standards and instead have a practical, workable and viable set of standards that deliver quality housing that Wiltshire needs according to our evidence base.

Developers will not always welcome design standards for financial reasons.  However, there is much evidence to suggest that good design need not cost more and indeed may save money in both the long and short term.

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