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The Wiltshire Housing Development Partnership is a partnership between Wiltshire Council and affordable housing providers such as Registered Providers.

Partners work together to increase the delivery of high quality, sustainable, affordable housing in Wiltshire, providing a variety of accommodation types, tenures and sizes to meet the needs of Wiltshire's residents.  The Wiltshire Core Strategy 2015 anticipates the delivery of 13,000 affordable homes over the plan period in Wiltshire, from 2006 to 2026 which equates to a current target of 650 homes per year.

The aims of the partnership will ensure that Wiltshire Council and the Provider Members work in partnership to:

  • Meet strategic Affordable Housing delivery in accordance with the Local Plan
  • Accelerate the provision of affordable homes
  • Improve the environmental standards of Affordable Housing stock and to assist Wiltshire Council in responding to the climate emergency and mitigating climate change
  • Support the wider aims and objectives of Wiltshire Council
  • Ensure delivery and maintain provision of affordable homes across the whole of Wiltshire and in both urban and rural areas
  • Address issues of affordability
  • Meet the demonstrable needs of a range of client groups
  • Ensure high standards of service for occupants of Affordable Housing
  • Ensure equality of opportunity in all aspects of its housing service

Affordable Housing Providers are welcome to join the partnership at any time, provided that they meet the requirements of the Partnership Agreement, which includes payment of a joining fee and an enabling fee.  A list of Affordable Housing Providers which are currently members of the partnership is available in the Downloads section.

Registered Providers can bid for grant money through the government's housing accelerator Homes England, which is responsible for housing and development. Any development proposals which include affordable housing in Wiltshire must be supported by the Council's Housing Enabling Team and meet the objectives and policies of Wiltshire Council's Local Plan, Supplementary Planning Documents and other key strategies and policies produced by Wiltshire Council.

In addition, Wiltshire Council receives money when social housing is sold under the Right to Buy scheme. We are sometimes able to grant some of these funds (under a State Aid Block Exemption) to Registered Providers in order to enable the delivery of further affordable housing in Wiltshire and we encourage our Affordable Housing partners to make use of our Right to Buy Receipts.

Apply for funding

If you have any questions about our partnering arrangements or grants from Right to Buy receipts, or would like to join the Wiltshire Housing Development Partnership, please contact us at (opens new window).

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