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Resident involvement

What Resident Engagement are doing for you and ways you can get involved

If you want to know more about what we already do, use the links on this page to find out more about the ways you can get involved.

What you can do in your community

There are many ways you can get involved in your community and the Resident Engagement team can help support you with finding or setting up groups or initiatives. Below are some examples of ways we have helped residents with in the past.  

Estate inspection reports

Every month we carry out an inspection of a local area. We invite local residents who want to be involved to join our staff in looking at environmental concerns such as grounds maintenance, parking, street lighting, antisocial behaviour and general upkeep. Estate inspections are a really proactive way of getting involved, and only require a small amount of your time. Currently we hold online reviews of each estate inspection where residents can review the findings with the team and ask any questions they may have. To book a place or for information on upcoming inspections, contact tenantparticipation@wiltshire.gov.uk

Icon for pdf Amesbury - October 2020 [1.53MB]

Icon for pdf Quidhampton - October 2020 [709.94KB]

Icon for pdf Salisbury City - September 2020 [1.83MB]

Icon for pdf Bemerton Heath - September 2020 [1.81MB]

Icon for pdf East Knoyle - March 2020 [1.13MB]

Icon for pdf Laverstock - March 2020 [812.02KB]

Icon for pdf Bemerton Heath - January 2020 [1.49MB]

Icon for pdf Bulford - December 2019 [864.09KB] 

Icon for pdf Hindon - November 2019 [813.01KB] 

Icon for pdf Bemerton Heath - October 2019 [1.17MB] 

Icon for pdf Salisbury City - September 2019 [2.21MB]

Icon for pdf Devizes Road - August 2019 [2.4MB]

Resident Engagement News

The Resident Engagement Team produce a monthly newsletter showing what we have been doing in  your local communities and what events are coming up in your areas. If you have any information you would like to see in the letter or an event to add to our calendar please contact the Resident Engagement Team.

Icon for pdf Resident Engagement News - March 2020 [372.43KB]

Icon for pdf Resident Engagement News - February 2020 [426.45KB]

Icon for pdf Resident Engagement News - January 2020 [375.39KB] 

Icon for pdf Resident Engagement News - December 2019 [376.77KB] 

Icon for pdf Resident Engagement News - November 2019 [406.03KB] 

Icon for pdf Resident Engagement News - October 2019 [434.36KB]

Icon for pdf Resident Engagement News - September 2019 [461.32KB]

Icon for pdf Resident Engagement News - August 2019 [309.92KB]

Icon for pdf Resident Engagement News - July 2019 [770.56KB]

Housing board

The board considers, reviews, scrutinises and offers advice on issues relating to Wiltshire Council's business and tenancy services, and asset management, related to housing services activities. This may include allocation, development, improvement, maintenance and management of Wiltshire Council tenancies and homes.

We operate with a view to assisting and contributing to the effective provision and delivery of housing services activities, taking a long-term perspective, long-term is interpreted and applied as being ten years or more. The board can also review policies and strategies adopted by the housing services department and consider the implications if these are adopted and advises on delivery best practice concerns and issues.

Housing board councillor members

Housing board resident members

Housing board independent members

At Wiltshire Council we believe in working together with tenants in a real partnership, to hear what our tenants and leaseholders think of our services, empowering them to share their ideas for continual improvement to improve the service we offer.

Getting involved is a great way to know that you are contributing to improving the services that you receive, and your voice can improve the council's performance and development in areas that matter to you. It doesn't have to be all about attending meetings, it can be as active as helping to organise a fun day in your area for everybody to enjoy, and can help you get useful experience, and even work towards qualifications. There are lots of opportunities for training and learning new skills.

If you want to get more involved in the community, find volunteering opportunities or find out how else you can help improve the service we offer, please contact the Resident Engagement team on 0300 456 0117 option 5, by email at Tenantparticipation@wiltshire.gov.uk or through our Facebook page to register now and get started.

We have recently introduced three sub-committees which allow a smaller number of Board members to delve into more detail when addressing different topics. This more granular approach is designed to deliver even better services for our residents and their families. Board members then report to the Housing Board, where a final recommendation is made. Whilst all members are allowed to attend all of the sub-committees, formal membership of each sub-committee is:

Housing Board memberDevelopment and Investment - PlaceFinance and          Policy - PoundsPerformance and    Risk - People
Rachael Arnott


Angela BrittenYesNoNo
Robert ChapmanYesYesNo
Councillor Richard ClewerYesYesYes
Cindy CreasyNoYesNo
Councillor Brian DaltonYesYesNo
Jacqui EvansYesNoYes
Lorraine Le-GateYesYesYes
Councillor Fred Westmoreland    YesNoYes

STAR Survey 2020

We aim to gain insight into our services as often as possible. We have run the STAR survey every 2 years for the past 10 years. Your feedback is important so we can understand what we are doing well, and where we have room for improvement. STAR is the the Survey of Tenants and Residents. It is a nationally used by housing organisations and local authorities like us.;

The STAR survey is now complete and we look forward to bringing you the results shortly. 

Housing board meetings

If you wish to attend a meeting, contact your resident engagement team to confirm attendance and to obtain a copy of the agenda. Some of the agendas are available in the Documents section of this page.

Wiltshire is a thriving county that enables and positively encourages healthy living in strong, inclusive and prosperous communities. We are proud of our heritage and for having a strong community spirit where people in communities come together to support each other, take part in events and activities, and take responsibility for what matters to them. That is what makes us unique and it's at the heart of everything we do. Baroness Scott of Bybrook OBE, Former Leader of Wiltshire Council