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Rough Sleeping?

Practical help and information for those rough sleeping or supporting someone who is rough sleeping.

The Rough Sleeper Outreach team is provided by Wiltshire Council and other providers. They will attempt to engage with you if you are sleeping rough and will connect you to services and assistance where possible. 

Wiltshire Council has a Reconnections Protocol for those who are sleeping rough in Wiltshire and do not have a local connection. In each case, our Assertive Rough Sleeper Outreach Officer, working in conjunction with a Housing Adviser, will make an assessment about whether you are considered to have a local connection. If you do not have a connection to Wiltshire you will be assisted to reconnect to an area where you do. If you do not have specific local connection anywhere, perhaps as a result of your military service, we will approve one for you. Time spent sleeping rough will not count towards establishing a local connection in Wiltshire or any other area.

If you're concerned about an individual sleeping rough, please email Roughsleeperteam@wiltshire.gov.uk or StreetLink.

Advice and assistance will be given to enable you to secure accommodation for yourself.