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Swim challenge

Swim challenge is exactly what it sounds like. We provide motivational challenges at all our swimming pools and encourage people to have a go at them - member or non-member. 

Swim challenge 2024

We're going pool to pool for our Swim Challenge in 2024! Wiltshire Council operates 16 swimming pools across the county and the challenge is to swim the total distance between all our pools! It's a great way to focus your swimming activity into a bigger target over the year, use the challenge as a fundraising objective or simply start or return to swimming with some added motivation. Below there is a list of distances between our swimming pools geographically, including how many lengths this is in a 25m pool.

Swim challenge 2024
Pool to poolDistanceNumber of swimming pool lengths required (25 metre lengths)Number of swimming pool lengths required (20 metre lengths at Westbury Pool)
Springfield Campus (Corsham) to The Activity Zone (Malmesbury)14 miles8961120
The Activity Zone (Malmesbury) to Lime Kiln (Royal Wootton Bassett)11 miles704880
Lime Kiln (Royal Wootton Bassett) to Marlborough14 miles8961120
Marlborough to The Vale (Pewsey)7 miles448560
The Vale (Pewsey) to Tidworth11 miles704880
Tidworth to Five Rivers (Salisbury)15 miles9601200
Five Rivers (Salisbury) to Durrington10 miles640800
Durrington to Warminster19 miles12161520
Warminster to Westbury5 miles320400
Westbury to Trowbridge5 miles320400
Trowbridge to Bradford on Avon 4 miles256320
Bradford on Avon to Melksham7 miles448560
Melksham to Devizes8 miles512640
Devizes to Calne9 miles576720
Calne to The Olympiad (Chippenham)7 miles448560
The Olympiad (Chippenham) to Springfield Campus (Corsham)5 miles320400
Total151 miles9,664 lengths 12,080 lengths

This is your swimming time, your enjoyment and your motivation - you can choose your own challenge and make it as tough as you want! 

You can do this at any of our swimming pools in Wiltshire - check out the full list of Leisure and sport centres online.

Design your own challenge

  • to swim pool to pool you'll need to swim 9,664 lengths of a 25m pool - set out on this challenge by yourself or recruit a small team and do it together! 
  • or simply select a number of distances that you want to achieve and start ticking them off one by one, from Tuesday 2 January 2024

How to get involved

Simply use your swimming membership, or start one, at one of the participating swimming pools. Count the number of lengths you swim each session in the pool and log them on a Swim Challenge participant sheet that you can download here (OpenDocument text format) [62KB] (opens new window) or collect from reception. You'll need to keep this safe at home and use it to track your progress.

Use the table above to see how far you've swam in terms of completing any number of distances, and let us know how you're getting on. When you finish your challenge, contact us and bring in your log sheet so we can issue you with your certificate and celebrate your success!  

You can contact us at (opens new window), speak to a member of staff at each centre or tag us into a Facebook post  - make sure you use the hash tag #WeLoveSwimming if you do.

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