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Swim challenge

Swim challenge is exactly what it sounds like. We provide motivational challenges at all our swimming pools and encourage people to have a go at them - member or non-member. 

Swim Challenge 2020

The challenge for 2020 is a team challenge (although you can of course enter as an individual) and it's quite local to home! 

We're challenging you to swim the length of the iconic South West Coast Path, the longest National Trail in the UK at 630 miles or 40,320 lengths of our swimming pools. 

Your team can consist of a minimum of 3 people and up to 10. Simply get your team together, start swimming from Thursday 2 January, keep a track of the number of lengths you do each time you swim and enter them in the tracking sheets available at each swimming pool.

You can do this at any one of our eight swimming pools including Calne Leisure CentreDevizes Leisure CentreDurrington Swimming and Fitness CentreFive Rivers Health and Wellbeing Centre in Salisbury, Marlborough Leisure CentreSpringfield Community Campus in Corsham, The Vale Community Campus in Pewsey or Tidworth Leisure Centre

Target distances to help you on your way:

Minehead to Lands End = 373 miles or 23,872 lengths

Lands End to Poole = 257 miles or 16,448 lengths

Individual challenge

If you'd prefer to swim on your own or just take on a shorter challenge then how about the direct route between Minehead and Poole? This is 73 miles or 4,672 lengths.

'It's great fun to take part, I've met loads of new people through it and it's motivated me to swim on a more regular basis'

And this year, for added incentive, you can take on our Aquatics Manager team who will be attempting the challenge themselves! 

Swim Challenge alternative 

Take on your own challenge, start at any time, take as long as you like - but if you do, let us know so we can follow your progress too! #SwimChallenge 

The motorway network challenge: 

  • Entry level - the M32: 7km, a total of 280 lengths 
  • Intermediate - the M25: 188km, a total of 7,520 lengths 
  • Ultra - the M4: 304km, a total of 12,160 lengths 
  • Ultimate - the M5 / M6 combined: 635km, a total of 25,400 lengths