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Active Communities resource page

If you're still working from home, shielding for the foreseeable future or maybe just struggling with ideas of things to do, stay active or just keep your mental health in a positive place, we've compiled a list of resources across a wide range of subjects to try and provide something of interest for everyone

Downloadable activity packs

We have created a range of activity packs, so why not download one or all of them and give it a try.

Wiltshire Short Breaks

Disclaimer statements

External websites

Undertaking exercise

Before you start any physical activities that you may find above, please make sure that it is safe for you to exercise based on any current health or medical conditions you may have. Please make sure you have plenty of space around you in order to perform any exercises that you take part in, and that you're wearing the appropriate attire, including footwear, to do the activity that you're participating in.