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Amesbury fitness timetable

    Group exercise programme

    The leisure centre will reopen on Thursday 3 December for gym and squash, but group exercise classes will not be available immediately upon reopening. 

    As soon as we're able to offer classes we'll update this page. 

    For full details on what's available and what's changed when we reopen please visit this webpage

    Online booking:

    Book your group exercise classes or court hire online, for a quicker, more accessible booking method. You will need to be a member and have your leisure card number to create an online account to make bookings. 

    Online Leisure Bookings

    Don't miss out on your favourite class spot... 

    Make sure that you arrive early for classes to ensure entry and also to get your favourite place in the studio!

    Entry to classes after the advertised start time is not permitted due to the risk of injury and also as respect to the instructor and other class participants.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Health and fitness class types

    • CD: Cardio class - designed to raise your heart rate and maximise calorie loss.
    • ST: Strengthening and toning classes - to intensify muscle workout focusing on toning, muscle definition, strength and endurance.
    • FR: Flexibility and relaxation classes - to relax the body and mind focusing on your core, balance and flexibility.
    • SH: Specialist health classes - specifically for health intervention and may require a referral.
    • AB: All over body workout classes - a combination of calorie crunching, muscle toning, strength and stamina.
    • WB: Water based exercise - low impact classes in the pool to maintain and improve stamina, strength, suppleness and to increase cardiovascular fitness.
    • AP: Active plus classes 

    Juniors attending group exercise classes 

    Juniors, aged 14 and 15, may attend group exercise classes when accompanied by a responsible adult (aged 16 plus) but are not able to attend the following classes: GRIT plyo and strength, HIIT, Circuits, Body Pump / Ultimate Pump, Kettlebells, Aerotone, LBT, 20:20:20, Boot Camp. This is due to these classes containing weight bearing elements.

    Active Health classes 

    We offer a range of specialist classes for those people referred by a GP or healthcare specialist into physical activity. More information on this programme and the classes available can be found here.