Group exercise classes

Group exercise classes are fun, motivational, social, and great for your fitness! Whatever you are looking to achieve, we have a range of different classes to try, and great instructors to inspire you. So whether it is strength or fitness, relaxation or flexibility, fun or friendship...there is a class for you, regardless of your age, fitness level, or ability.

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General information

Class themes and descriptions


Gain strength, muscular endurance and tone whilst increasing metabolism to help burn more calories.


Burn calories and increase heart and lung function for improved endurance and aerobic capacity.

Mind & Body

Improve both physical and mental health whilst improving posture, flexibility and core strength.


Low impact cardiovascular training to improve cardiovascular health, burn calories and improve endurance.


Let your inner performer out and have fun whilst working out and improving overall fitness and health.


Improve muscle tone and definition whist trimming fat and building muscular endurance and strength.


Low impact, water based classes to improve overall health, promote cardiovascular health and tone.