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GP referral

Following the Government's announcement of a national lockdown from Tuesday 5 January, our GP referral programme will be suspended  until further notice.

What is the physical activity referral programme?

Physical activity referral is an exercise programme that your GP or healthcare professional can refer you to. An Active Health membership is for 12 months from initial consultation and a trained exercise professional will devise a programme that is suitable for you to help you become more active. You will receive a one-to-one consultation initially, followed by regular email or telephone contact and reviews at both six and 12 weeks. We will work with you to set goals and monitor progress to help you get the best from your chosen activity. Throughout the programme, activities within our leisure centres will be charged at a concessionary rate. After your 12 week review we will encourage you to exercise independently but you will still benefit from the concessionary pricing structure.

As part of the programme you may take part in a range of activities either at a leisure centre, in the local community, or in an outdoor setting. This could include activities such as gym sessions, swimming, walking groups, or specialist exercise groups and classes. Please see our programme leaflets in the useful information section for more information on specific classes offered under the Active Health GP referral scheme.

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At this time we are not taking any new GP referrals.

What are the benefits?

A physical activity referral will benefit you if you currently undertake no or very little physical activity.

What's on offer?

Case study - Marlborough Leisure Centre

Bernadette is profoundly deaf and has been all her life.

Bernadette's disability has not stopped her from living a full life but recently she had become more sedentary and isolated and she was nervous about how to become more active.

She was referred to the Active Health programme by her GP and met with an Active Health instructor, with a British Sign Language signer, allowing for conversation between Bernadette and the Instructor in regard to what the Active Health programme could offer. The Active Health programme offers circuit classes for those that enjoy group exercise and Bernadette signed up to attend one class per week.

She has enjoyed meeting new people and, after only 12 weeks, has toned up and started to lose weight. Bernadette's confidence has improved and she feels happy to come to the leisure centre on her own as she knows she will receive a warm welcome.

Bernadette's husband is also deaf and has now decided that he would like to start swimming when Bernadette attends her class which will give them a shared interest and help to improve their well-being together.

Testimonials from Active Health clients:

I have noticed my joints are more mobile. The class has motivated me to do more exercise and try to delay or avoid surgery

I am a much fitter and happier person. The staff are amazing and understand my needs.

Still have a question? For further guidance you can either check the frequently asked questions below, contact the local Hub coordinator (details below) or Contact us regarding health and physical activity

Contact details

Active Health is managed by our four local area Hub coordinators:

West Wiltshire: Rich Latham 07941 591741 or richardlatham@pfpleisure.org

North Wiltshire: Kate Murphy 07532 264460 or katemurphy@pfpleisure.org

Central Wiltshire: Sally Phillips 07799 074312 or sally.phillips@wiltshire.gov.uk

South Wiltshire: Paul Needham 07823 536256 or paul.needham@wiltshire.gov.uk