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Personal training

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If you're looking for that added motivation, a bit of help to reach that last stage of your target or you've reached a plateau and you want to kick-start your training again, a personal trainer could be a great option for you.

Personal training is available as a single hour, a block of 5 hours or a package of 10 sessions. You can sign up as an individual, as a pair or in a group of three which is a great way of involving your friends or partner and sharing the cost as we have a set rate for a personal training session.

1 session - £36
5 sessions - £155 (£31 per session)
10 sessions - £280 (£28 per session)

Personal training is genuinely available for anyone that wants a bit of additional support to achieve their goals. Our staff are friendly and empathetic to your needs and want to help you do well. Whilst personal training can sometimes be seen as 'something only fit people do', we think it's a great way of maximising your time in the leisure centre and getting out of your membership what you want - which is results. 

Why not try a session to see what it's all about! 

For more information contact the centre you wish to do personal training with or speak to a member of staff when you next visit the gym.

Use our leisure centres as an external Personal Trainer

If you have an existing personal training business or are starting out as a new Personal Trainer, we could offer you fitness facilities to base your business from. We provide flexible initial rental agreements and the ability for you to use to multiple leisure centres under one agreement. 

Contact leisure services to discuss your options. 


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