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SCAS facility usage

Are you looking for a regular sports or meeting venue for your club or voluntary organisation in the Tidworth and Larkhill area?

The Sports and Community Access Scheme (SCAS), is a joint initiative between Wiltshire Council and the MOD.  SCAS aims to make MOD sports and leisure facilities available to approved clubs and community or voluntary organisations.

Facilities are available for conferences, weddings and other special events as well as a range of sporting activities.

Should you wish to contact Wiltshire Council for further information about SCAS and whether your organisation might qualify, please contact: Jon Hargrave, Tidworth Leisure Centre via email: jonathan.hargrave@wiltshire.gov.uk or phone 01980 847140.

Facilities and venues covered by this scheme:

For more information

Initial enquiries can be made to Aspire Defence Services Limited who manages these facilities (apart from Tidworth Leisure Centre which is jointly managed by Wiltshire Council & Aspire) on behalf of the MOD for the following locations:

For background information on how to get the best from these facilities, please see Our Guide for Applicants on Casual Use Licensing

Please note that you may be asked to complete an application form and for facilities within the fenced area of the garrison, security checks will need to be completed.