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Swim school

Aqualetes swimming lessons are available at 16 swimming pools run by Wiltshire Council, they follow the Swim England Learn to Swim pathway which aims to provide all young swimmers with a great first experience of the water, and ongoing lessons to aid skill development, fun, and confidence in the water.

School holiday swimming lesson course information is available in our intensive swimming lessons section.

Become a swimming teacher! Enquire today via email (opens new window) or view our available jobs (opens new window).

About Aqualetes swim school

Swimming lessons for children of all ages are available at all Wiltshire Council swimming pools on a weekly basis. Lessons follow the Swim England (opens new window) Learn to Swim pathway.

  • lessons are once per week at a designated time, usually after school or on a Saturday morning
  • lessons operate all year round (excluding bank holidays) and continue through all school holidays, with the exception of a two week break at Christmas
  • we don't have set lesson terms or a re-enrolment process
  • waiting lists may be in operation where there is a high demand for particular ages / stages
  • refer to Swim school stages for information on each stage of the Learn to Swim pathway

Specific swimming lesson times for each centre will be different from centre to centre - to find out more please enquire directly with your preferred leisure centre. Contact details can be found at each leisure centre webpage.

Aqualetes: April 2023 Newsletter (opens new window)

Aqualetes: June 2023 newsletter (opens new window)

Aqualetes: December 2023 Newsletter (opens new window)

Manage your child's lessons online with Home Portal

We are developing use of 'On Course' as our swimming lesson management system. This market leading technology ensures we can operate our lessons in the most effective and efficient way possible. Your swimming teacher will use a handheld device during the lesson to continually assess your child and all information on their progress will be available for you online.

How your child progresses through swim school

The process for progressing through swim school is as follows:

  • once your child's instructor confirms that your child has completed all aspects of their current stage, or the Home Portal has notified you via email, they can be moved up - please contact reception to discuss lesson options to move them to the next stage (please refer to the information on Home Portal below)
  • if there are no spaces on the next stage, your child will keep their place on their existing class and the instructor will adapt the lesson to accommodate them

Following your child's progress with Home Portal

The easiest way to see how your child is getting on, is via their account on Home Portal:

  • your child's account on Home Portal will have their current stage information; their progress against the criteria to complete that stage; and will show you what they need to work on to complete the stage
  • Home Portal is updated regularly after swimming lessons but you may need to allow some time for it to refresh before you can see the updates

Holiday Intensive Lessons

Intensive lessons are offered at some centres through school holiday periods to help your child move through or complete a stage. They offer your child a daily class throughout the week to help accelerate their learning. For more information or to enrol your child onto a holiday intensive lesson phone or visit the reception team at the relevant leisure centre or email (opens new window).

The next set of intensive lessons will be available during the May half term school holidays - details will be posted below as soon as they are available.

Further information

Contact us

If you have any questions you can contact us by email on (opens new window), or speak to reception staff in your local centre who will do their best to answer any queries, or will pass on your detail to the swim school co-coordinator who will contact you as soon as they can.


Charlie to Trowbridge Sports Centre

My daughter has been part of her swimming lessons on a Wednesday evening since November 2023 and I cannot tell you how truly special Chloe (teacher) is. She has a natural ability to teach the children on an individual basis whilst providing inclusion for everyone. Luna thinks Chloe is "great and she's kind, caring, funny and awesome and I really like her lessons. The water confidence I've seen in Luna is phenomenal and I can't thank Chloe enough for being attentive, focused and such a great swimming teacher! Luna has also gained so much confidence in herself since starting her lessons and it's truly wonderful to see. Luna is now so eager to attend on a Wednesday that she wants to be early which is a first for her! We're great at giving bad news in a heartbeat but we don't give enough of the good and I really wanted to shared that we've had such a fantastic start to Luna's swimming lessons! 

Liam to Calne Community Campus:

Aqualetes has been excellent. Liam really enjoys it, he loves swimming and Aqualetes has been his favourite club. He really liked Jan, his first tutor and Janice his current one. Liam is quite shy but the tutors have all been kind and supportive. The children all seem attentive and well behaved, which shows they must find the lessons engaging and interesting. He did an intensive breaststroke course during the holidays when he was 7 and it helped his technique immensely. As a parent it is good knowing your child is a strong swimmer.

All teachers - Marlborough Leisure Centre:

Both of my daughters have learnt to swim through your Aqualetes program, and they have now graduated up to the Marlborough Penguins swimming club, a testament to your Aqualetes teaching.

Thank you for providing great lessons and good value.

Emma - Calne Community Campus: 

I would recommend to any parent the Aqualetes programme, it has been worth every penny.

Nora - Trowbridge Sports Centre:

The team have been amazing at getting me to where I am with swim lessons and I feel so much more confident from where I was when I first joined. Thank you for being so patient.

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