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Leisure centres 'no show' policy

We have introduced a new, 'no show' policy. This will aim to ensure that the maximum number of spaces are available in group exercise classes, gym and swimming bookable sessions as possible, meaning more spaces for those that want them.

If you do not cancel a space that you're not planning to use, within 2 hours of the activity taking place, or do not attend the activity, a debt of £3 will be added to your account overnight. This will prevent you from booking further sessions until it has been cleared. 

This applies to Life Zone, Fitness Zone, Swim Zone, Young Adult and Junior Zone members where bookings are zero cost and included in the membership type.  

Zero cost bookings can be cancelled online (opens new window), pay as you go bookings must be cancelled over the phone in order to be reimbursed. It is easy to cancel a zero cost transaction online through your Leisure Hub (opens new window) account.

We will use our discretion to waive a debt if the circumstances warrant doing so.

Ways to cancel your booking

If you can't attend a session for any reason you will need to cancel that booking, free of charge, no later than 2 hours before the session where at all possible.

  1. Cancel online (opens new window) - for any zero-cost booking this is the simplest and most effective way of cancelling for Life Zone, Fitness Zone, Swim Zone, Young Adult or Junior Zone members and we would encourage you to use this method to be in control of your own bookings. Simply log in, go to your bookings and cancel the one you can't attend. 
  2. Phone the centre to cancel
  3. If you can't get through on the phone, then you can email the centre directly to confirm your wish to cancel. Email addresses for all centres can be found via the leisure centres homepage.

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