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Swimming admissions policy

This policy covers all swimming pools run by Wiltshire Council

Swimwear guidance for young babies 

  • In order to maintain the quality of swimming pool water, our policy is that all under 3's are required to wear swim nappies whilst in the pool.  
  • Customers are welcome to bring their own suitable aqua nappies, or they can be purchased from reception at our swimming pools.

Age of admissions for babies 

  • We recommend that babies are permitted into our pools from 3 months old. Our pools operate well below the Swim England recommended temperatures for babies aged 0 - 3 months (32 degrees). 
  • Although we do not recommend bringing your baby in below 3 months, should you wish to bring your baby in from 8 weeks, you should be aware that temperature is the limiting factor according to Swim England guidance. Our pools operate generally at 29.5 degrees, which is well below the recommended temperature of 32 degrees for babies, therefore we suggest that any time in the water is restricted to short periods and you do this at your own risk. 

Pool ratios for under 8's 

Maximum adult / child ratios 

Main pool

  • Children under 4 years of age supervised by a responsible adult on a 1:1 basis unless the children under the age of 4 are wearing suitable flotation devices, in which case this may be extended to 2:1
  • Children aged between 4 and 7 supervised on a 2:1 basis by a responsible adult

Learner / Beach pool 

  • Children under 4 years of age supervised on a 2:1 basis by a responsible adult
  • Children aged between 4 and 7 supervised on a 3:1 basis but a responsible adult
  • A combination of up to three mixed-aged children under the age of 8 who are non swimmers, as long as they are wearing suitable armbands and or floatation aids. 

Responsible adult is defined as someone over the age of 16, or younger if the person is the biological parent of the child or children.  

Non Swimmers 

  • Recommend that all non-swimmers, regardless of age, should wear appropriate flotation devices and should be accompanied by a competent adult swimmer. 
  • Flotation devices should be compliant with BSNE 13138 part 1   
  • Wiltshire Council pools do not lend out flotation devices to customers. 
  • All non-swimmers must remain in shallow water, in a depth no greater than 1.35 metres. 

Note: BSNE 13138 part 1    

This does not include discs or Seats. It can include armbands, buoyant garments, collars, chest belts and backpacks - but must be marked with the number of the standard - EN 13138-1:2014 and CE / or post Brexit UKCA 



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