Summer Reading Challenge

Children often have a dip in their reading over the summer, the Summer Reading Challenge, produced by the Reading Agency and delivered by libraries, has been proven to stop this as well as changing children's attitudes in a positive way towards reading and libraries.

The challenge is for four-11 year olds to read six library books over the eight weeks of the summer in return for various fun prizes, including a medal and certificate on completion. Congratulations to the 6,206 Wiltshire children who took part in last year's Gadgeteers themed challenge, 85% of those completing the challenge said that taking part had improved their reading!

We'll let you know about this year's Summer Reading Challenge soon. In the meantime, don't forget we have lots of lovely books for your children to cosy up and enjoy reading before the next challenge! Need help finding the right book? just ask us when you next visit one of our libraries or email

There is also a lot of reading inspiration on the Summer Reading Challenge website all year round, including games, book reviews, reading activities and videos from the best children's authors and illustrators around.