Summer Reading Challenge


Children often have a dip in their reading over the summer, the Summer Reading Challenge, produced by the Reading Agency and delivered by libraries, has been proven to stop this as well as changing children's attitudes in a positive way towards reading and libraries.

The challenge is for four-11 year olds to read six library books over the eight weeks of the summer in return for various fun prizes, including a medal and certificate on completion.

This year the challenge runs from Saturday 16 July to Saturday 10 September.

There will be a registration period in the first two weeks of the challenge (16 to 30 July), where children will receive a pack of resources. After this period (from 1 August) and once children have completed the challenge, they are invited to return to collect their final sticker, medal and certificate and to talk about their reading experience. They can still register from 1 August as well.

This year's theme, 'Gadgeteers', is all about science and innovation. Developed in partnership with the Science Museum Group, the Challenge will inspire children to use their curiosity and creativity to discover the science behind the everyday and celebrates the role of the imagination in both reading and the sciences. Although there is a science theme, children can read any six library books of their choice; they don't have to be linked to science and they can read more than six books! They also don't have to be able to read, reading with a parent/carer also counts.

We have lots of lovely new books to be discovered over the coming months and there are free reservations for children's books that are out on loan or located in other Wiltshire libraries, just ask.

Children can also take part in the challenge online via the Summer Reading Challenge website - where they can rate and review books, download activities, and access video content, games and quizzes.

Congratulations to the 4,500 Wiltshire children who took part last year, 86% saying that taking part in the challenge had improved their reading alot or a little. We look forward to seeing lots of children in libraries again over the summer.