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Glow and Show kits

Is good handwashing important within your organisation or business? Do you work in health and social care, the food industry, a day centre or as a childminder?  Wiltshire libraries have special 'Glow and Show' kits available to borrow that demonstrate how easily germs are spread. These are in stock at Royal Wootton Bassett and Salisbury libraries (but they can be sent to other libraries if needed). 

What the Glow and Show kits are

Glow and Show kits consist of a hand-held UV light and iridescent powder and cream. The powder and cream simulate germs. The ease with which germs can be spread is demonstrated by putting either the cream or powder on hands and participants then touch their surroundings or colleagues.

Who the kits are for

The kits can be used by any group or organisation where hand hygiene is important or can be taught to others.   For example, care home staff, schools, food businesses and scout groups.   Knowing how to wash your hands properly and effectively is a very important way of reducing the risk of transferring germs between people or throughout the environment.  This in turn may reduce infections and the need for antibiotics.

How to borrow a kit

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