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Scaffolding, skips and building materials

Scaffolding and hoarding S169 licence

Wiltshire Council issue S169 licences for scaffold and hoarding companies who need to place scaffolding and hoarding on the highway.

Building materials on the highway S171 licence

A licence is required for placing building materials on any part of a highway. Any such materials must be kept on private land if possible in which case a licence is not required. Licences are only issued in exceptional circumstances for any duration up to 28 days. The applicant can extend this before the granted licence expires.

Skip permits / skip operators S169 licence

Wiltshire Council issue licences to skip operating companies who need to place skips on the highway. 

Cherry Picker S172 Licence

Wiltshire Council issue licences to operate cherry pickers on the highway. 

Licence application forms

The application forms below, except the parking bay suspension can be completed and submitted electronically using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

Icon for pdf S169 Scaffold application [785.5KB] 

Icon for pdf S139 Skip application [961.21KB] 

Icon for pdf S171 Materials application [749.4KB]

Icon for pdf S172 Cherry picker application [805.3KB] 

Icon for pdf Parking bay suspension application [85.75KB] 

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