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DPS authorisation and licence requirements

All premises selling or supplying alcohol (except for members clubs and certain community premises) must have a designated premises supervisor (DPS) who will be named on their premises licence. The DPS is responsible for authorising the alcohol sales.

There are however likely to be times when the DPS will not be on the premises when alcohol is being sold.  For that reason we strongly suggest that the DPS authorises, in writing, members of staff to sell alcohol in their absence.

We have produced an authorisation form that you can complete:

  • The DPS should complete in and sign form authorising named members of staff to sell or supply alcohol (form attached)
  • The DPS and members of staff should be aware of the responsibilities of the DPS, details of the premises licence and the social and legal obligations and responsibilities relating to the sale of alcohol.
  • You'll need to complete the form and ask members of staff to sign agreeing to this. 
  • You'll need to explain to those members of staff their responsibilities and obligations relating to the sale of alcohol and the Licensing Act.

DPS letter of authorisation (PDF) [18KB] (opens new window)

Licensing documents produce and display

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