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Premises licence fees

Fees are based on the rateable value of your premises.  There is an exemption from the payment of fees in relation to the provision of regulated entertainment at church halls, chapel halls, village halls, parish or community halls or other premises of a similar nature.  The costs associated with these Licences will be met by central Government.  If, however, the licence also authorises the use of the premises for the supply of alcohol or the provision of late night refreshments, a fee will be required for those activities.  Schools and sixth form colleges are also exempt from the fees associated with the authorisation of regulated entertainment where the entertainment is provided by and at the school or college and for the purposes of the school or college.

Annual fees - licenced premises

Please note that if your Licence is subject to an annual fee, the Licensing Act 2003 has been amended to require Licensing Authorities to suspend a Premises Licence/Club Premises Certificate if the annual fee is not paid within 21 days of the due date.

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