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Tattooing, Piercing, Acupuncture & Electrolysis

Anyone who wishes to carry out any form of skin piercing, (ear piercing, electrolysis, acupuncture, semi-permanent skin colouring or tattooing), needs to be registered with Wiltshire Council. Both the premises and the person carrying out the piercing need to be registered.

Special treatment registration (skin piercing/tattooing/acupuncture/electrolysis/semi-permanent skin colouring)

Skin piercing - initial application (premises & one person)£165
Skin piercing - Transfer of premises registration£165
Skin piercing - additional persons£40
Skin piercing - additional activity£70
Skin piercing - change of home address (NOT premises)£15

Skin piercing application forms

Icon for pdf Premises and person application [163.37KB] PDF (217kb)

Icon for pdf Additional persons application [122.36KB] PDF (107kb)

Wiltshire Council has adopted the Tattoo Hygiene Rating Scheme (THRS) and all those registering will be expected to follow the guidance, undertake an audit and can review their premises and procedures before they have a final rating.

Further information is available on the Tattoo Hygiene Rating Scheme.

For those wishing to have a tattoo, please see our 'Think it Through Before Having a Tattoo' advice leaflet.

Icon for pdf "Think it Through" leaflet [997.47KB] 

Report 'Scratchers'

'Scratcher' is the term commonly used for illegal tattooists.  'Scratchers' are deemed to be operating illegally because they may be working from premises which are not registered or inspected by the council for safety and hygiene.  They often tattoo in kitchens, bedrooms or other unsuitable environments.

They may use equipment which has been purchased from auction websites rather than a suitable trade supplier.

If you know anyone tattooing illegally, let us know using the "Report an Illegal Tattooists" form below and we will investigate.  We take illegal tattooing very seriously.  Where necessary we will stop illegal tattooing, sometimes with the assistance of the police, and anyone found to be breaking the law can face prosecution.

For any further information or concerns, please contact the Food and Safety Team at publicprotectionwest@wiltshire.gov.uk or telephone 01225 770411.

Icon for pdf Report an Illegal Tattooist form [137.53KB]