Taxis and private hire licensing

Hackney carriage: proposed changes to licensing zones

We are currently consulting on proposed changes to the existing zones for hackney carriage vehicles and drivers. The proposal is to remove the existing North, South, East and West zones and replace them with a single zone, allowing hackney carriage vehicles and drivers to work anywhere within the Wiltshire Council authority area.

The proposal also includes the centralisation of all council taxi licensing services at Kennet House, Devizes, with all vehicle inspections being undertaken at this location.

The consultation starts on Friday 6 May 2022 and responses must be received no later than 5pm on Friday 10 June 2022.

The changes proposed are as follows:

1. To remove the current North, South, East and West zones for hackney carriage vehicles and drivers and replace them with a single zone covering the Wiltshire Council authority area.

2. Centralise all taxi licensing functions in Kennet House, Devizes and undertake all vehicle inspections from this location.

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Taxi complaint form

Please complete this form for complaints about hackney carriages (taxis), private hire vehicles and their drivers and operators licensed by Wiltshire Council. You are required to provide as much information as possible to enable a licensing officer to investigate the complaint and take the appropriate action.

If you wish to make an appointment for a new hackney carriage or private hire vehicle licence, you can do so by completing the request form. Please give as much information as possible to enable us to give you the most suitable appointment. Requests for appointments will be dealt with as soon as possible, during busy periods it may take up to ten days to process.

Taxi vehicle appointment request

Become a taxi driver in Wiltshire

Taxis are an essential part of our transport network providing a valuable service to the local community and in Wiltshire there is a shortage of taxi drivers.

Wiltshire Council needs reliable drivers to fulfil its growing number of school and social care contracts. These contracts offer regular work and hours. They also help and support some of the most vulnerable people in Wiltshire.

Being a taxi driver is a flexible job and you can either work for a taxi company or be your own boss. Local taxi firms currently have lots of vacancies and we are carrying out a recruitment campaign on behalf of the taxi trade across the county.

It's easy to become a licensed taxi driver and takes around six weeks. Fees apply.  Once people have become a licensed driver, we hope that they will bid for one of the growing number of SEND school transport and social care contracts that we have available.

Contracts start at around £30 a day for short routes, increasing to £250+ a day for longer routes. Drivers are free to combine these contracts with rank work or deliveries for food and parcel delivery companies.

Becoming a taxi driver

For details on how to licence a vehicle as a taxi, private hire or hackney carriage vehicle, and for an application pack, see the application process section.

SEND school transport and social care contracts

For details on how to bid for a Wiltshire Council contract email Wiltshire Council's Passenger Transport Unit at

Applying for a hackney carriage/private hire driver licence

Application process

See the hackney carriages/private hire driver application documents below. You should follow the step by step instructions provided.


Medical Form (PDF) [636KB] (opens new window)

HC/PH Guidelines (PDF) [496KB] (opens new window)

New Driver Application Form (PDF) [224KB] (opens new window)

New Driver Step by Step Guide (PDF) [192KB] (opens new window)

Notification and request forms

Change of address form (PDF) [67KB] (opens new window)

HC vehicle advertising request form (PDF) [70KB] (opens new window)

Private hire exemption request form (PDF) [68KB] (opens new window)

Vehicle accident notification form (PDF) [67KB] (opens new window)

DBS Details Form (PDF) [143KB] (opens new window)

Wheelchair accessible vehicles

The download below contains the list of vehicles designated for section 167 of the Equality Act 2010. The list contains all wheelchair accessible vehicles licensed by Wiltshire Council and includes contact details for the owner.

Zone Map (PDF) [145KB] (opens new window)

Wheelchair Vehicles (PDF) [61KB] (opens new window)

Hackney carriage maximum table of fares

North, South, East and West Zones


Tariff Card (PDF) [128KB] (opens new window)


Wiltshire Council fit and proper policy for hackney carriage and private hire licences - 1 October 2019 (PDF) [210KB] (opens new window)


February 2017 (PDF) [112KB] (opens new window)

July 2017 (PDF) [116KB] (opens new window)

February 2018 (PDF) [105KB] (opens new window)

May 2018 (PDF) [116KB] (opens new window)

September 2019 (PDF) [510KB] (opens new window)

Newsletter November 2020 (PDF) [996KB] (opens new window)

GDPR Information

Subject information Notice template - taxi licensing (2) (PDF) [55KB] (opens new window)

Public register

Private Hire Register (PDF) [73KB] (opens new window)

Hackney Carriage Vehicle Register (PDF) [353KB] (opens new window)

Wiltshire Council Taxi Rank Locations

Taxi Ranks on Private property

Taxi ranks on private property are managed by the land owner and usually require a permit or permission. All enquiries should be directed to the land owner and not to Wiltshire Council; this includes train station ranks.