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Almost 100 people join Ukraine webinar to hear latest updates

People can catch up with the latest information relayed during a Wiltshire Council-hosted Ukraine webinar which was held this week.

Published 20 May 2022
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People can catch up with the latest information relayed during a Wiltshire Council-hosted Ukraine webinar which was held this week.

Almost 100 people joined the webinar live and asked questions about hosting, school places, work and community support.

The link to the webinar event is available on 'Ukraine webinar 16 May 2022' alongside a list of questions and answers asked during the event.

Latest figures show approximately 2,830 households have registered for the Homes for Ukraine scheme (opens new window) and currently 447 households have been matched with 1,181  individuals.

There are 143 school applications, 92 primary and 51 secondary, with many joining classes since the new term has begun.

This week a number of Ukrainian guests in Wiltshire started learning English as a Second Language (ESOL) with Wiltshire Council's Family and Community Learning team. The course aims to help improve English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills as well as communicating with host families, confidence to support children at school and to support the journey into employment. Courses are delivered face to face over two weeks. Melksham started 16 May, Chippenham starts 20 May and Devizes is due to start 8 June. Calne is due to start in June and Salisbury will be confirmed at the end of June. Further groups are planned for Devizes and Marlborough.

Wiltshire College is providing follow up courses and is happy to welcome any Ukrainian refugees 16-18 year olds and adults onto their ESOL Summer School Programme which is running from Monday 20 June to Thursday 14 July. These courses will have an 'employability skills' focus for the entry level classes and a 'citizenship' focus for the Level 1 and 2 classes.

Cllr Richard Clewer, Leader of Wiltshire Council said: The number of people joining our webinar and the variety of questions asked shows the breadth of interest in welcoming Ukrainian citizens into Wiltshire. In the south west, Wiltshire is one of the top areas to welcome Ukrainian people and I was not surprised at the numbers of questions we received or depth of interest there has been.

People who couldn't attend the online webinar will have a chance to watch it again on the online link and we're also publishing all the questions and answers. We'll continue to share as much information as possible so that everyone has everything they need should they want to provide support.

People can find out more about the ESOL courses by going to (opens new window) or by calling 01225 770478.

For Wiltshire College details go to Wiltshire collegeĀ & University Centre (opens new window).

People who have queries on Ukraine matters can find information on our website at Support for Ukraine frequently asked questions. If there are specific questions related to being a host or providing community support people can email the new dedicated Ukraine inbox which is (opens new window).

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