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Council urging eligible residents to not miss out on self-isolation support payment

If you're on a lower income and required to self-isolate because of COVID-19, you may be eligible for a support payment of £500.

Published 8 December 2020

Wiltshire Council is urging eligible residents to apply for a payment scheme, which is in place to help support those who are out of pocket because they are having to self-isolate.

The council is reminding people of the eligibility criteria of the Government's COVID-19 Test and Trace Support Payment scheme, following a high number of ineligible applications being received.

Financial support continues to be available for people that are on low incomes who are required to self-isolate due to COVID-19 and will lose money because they are unable to work, who may be eligible for a lump sum of £500.

So far, Wiltshire Council has had a total of 559 applications for the scheme, and 166 have been successful.

Applicants should ensure they do not delay in submitting their form, as the council cannot accept applications made more than 14 days after the end of a person's self-isolation period.

Applicants must also have been given an NHS Test and Trace number and be in receipt of a qualifying welfare benefit, to qualify for the payment. Benefit entitlement is checked by the council via Searchlight, the National Welfare Benefits database, during the process of the application.

For discretionary claims, where someone is not in receipt of welfare benefits, the council will ask the person to complete a standard means test, to help consider whether someone's income has been significantly reduced.

Cllr Pauline Church, Cabinet Member for Finance, Procurement and Commercial Investment, said:

This is a scheme set up to support people who really need it and are losing income because of self-isolation after being contacted by NHS Test and Trace.

We want to remind people that there is a set criteria for eligibility of the payment support scheme so, if anyone's not sure if they qualify, they should get in touch with our friendly team and we can quickly let them know.

There is a limited window for applying so people should apply as soon as possible, so they don't miss out.

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