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COVID 19 - Update from Leader of the Council

Published 24 March 2020

It's important that we, as individuals, play our part, be sensible, wash our hands often, and adhere to the social distancing measures put in place to reduce social interaction between people. This will help reduce the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19).

The approach the council is taking is under continuous review, underpinned by national Government advice, and Wiltshire Council's response to this outbreak is being guided by the six point action plan below.

You can find helpful information and updates on the council's designated Coronavirus webpage, where you can sign up for email updates, find information about Council services - such as bin collections, benefits and support if you are a business or employer.

The Council's social media will also bring you up to date information as we receive it:

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Wiltshire Council's six point plan of action:

  1. Keeping out council services going
    Especially the most essential services for the most vulnerable. Ensuring we take a flexible approach to support a resilient workforce throughout this lengthy challenge to focus on key priorities.
  2. Delivering our public health role
    Sharing the latest advice around how the public can best protect themselves and their loved ones and what to do if you have Covid-19 symptoms. We are working in close partnership with our Public Health England and NHS partners.
  3. Provide support to our communities
    Ensuring that community groups are able to work collaboratively to protect the most vulnerable in our community.
  4. Targeting efforts on those who will be most at risk if they contract COVID-19
    Supporting and informing those over 70 or with pre-existing health conditions.
  5. Support for schools, businesses and other institutions
    Supporting schools and early years settings to ensure that they are able to provide for school age dependents of critical workers (where they can't be safely cared for at home) and vulnerable children.
    Collate information and advice for Wiltshire businesses and ensure affected businesses can access financial support packages.
  6. Targeting support for other vulnerable groups
    For example those who are homeless, use food banks or have multiple and complex needs.
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