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Stay safe and ensure everyone enjoys Halloween

Published 20 January 2020
Stay safe and ensure everyone enjoys Halloween

Tips for staying safe and enjoying Halloween

See that costumes fit properly to avoid trips

Aalways check costumes for a CE mark, instructions and safety information 

Flames should be kept away from the child and costume, or use LED lights

Eensure any masks or hoods don't stop the child from seeing or breathing

Not taking part in Halloween?

If you don't want to be bothered by 'trick or treaters' this Halloween, you can print off this 'No trick, no treat, no thanks' poster, and place it in the front door or window of your home.

Please respect those that have chosen not to take part in Halloween by not calling at houses displaying this poster. While lots of people enjoy trick or treating some people, particularly the elderly or vulnerable, might be distressed by seeing strangers knocking at their door.

Icon for pdf No trick or treating poster [398.57KB]

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Published 20 January 2020