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Help Wiltshire Council keep the electoral register up to date

Wiltshire Council has started its annual process of ensuring the county's electoral register is up to date.

Published 18 June 2021
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Wiltshire Council has started its annual process of ensuring the county's electoral register is up to date.

Each year the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) has a legal requirement to conduct a canvass to ensure the electoral register is accurate and complete.

To ensure the register is as updated ahead of the upcoming Police and Crime Commissioner election on 19 August, the process has started earlier than normal this year.

Some Wiltshire residents have already been contacted via email and are being asked to confirm the details for their household are correct. The email, from Wiltshire Council electoral services, will ask people to confirm any changes to their details at Household Response (opens new window) and includes their security codes and steps on how to access their household details. The council may email more than one person in the same household, but only one person from each house needs to respond if necessary. Responses are required as soon as possible to avoid forms being sent to your property.

If needed, forms will be sent in the post at the beginning of July asking residents to check their details are correct. Not every resident will need to respond to the form they receive. There will be clear instructions about the process on every correspondence sent as part of the canvass.

Wiltshire Council encourages all residents to respond to the annual canvass electronically if they can. It's more convenient for the resident and saves the council money and time.

As part of this process, Wiltshire Council or the Electoral Commission will never ask people for their bank details.

Terence Herbert, Wiltshire Council Chief Executive and Returning Officer, said: "The annual canvass is being done earlier this year but for many it will mean not having to deal with any paperwork - just taking a few minutes to check your details and if necessary following instructions on an email.  Now more than ever, we encourage residents to respond to the canvass electronically if they can.

"It's quicker, easier and saves the council money. which means we can invest more in vital services."

More details, including FAQs can be found at .

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