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Public Spaces Protection Order implemented in Salisbury

Wiltshire Council has implemented a Public Spaces Protection Order in Salisbury and the surrounding parishes.

Published 28 May 2024

Following public consultations on anti-social behaviour, Wiltshire Council has implemented a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) in Salisbury and the surrounding parishes.

Two consultations on the proposed order took place between September to October 2023 and February 2024. Over 200 responses were received across the two consultations from residents and local business owners who supported the PSPO being put in place.

PSPOs were created by the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, and are intended to deal with any nuisance or anti-social behaviour within a defined area that is detrimental to the local community's quality of life.

The PSPO, is designed to address two issues in Salisbury and covers the city centre, plus the surrounding parishes of Laverstock & Ford, Quidhampton, Netherhampton, Wilton, Alderbury, Odstock and Coombe Bissett.

Across the entire area, the order makes it an offence to possess any catapult, slingshot or similar items capable of launching a missile, and to possess any item that could be used as a missile, which could cause harm or damage. It is also an offence to refuse to surrender any such item, when required by a police officer.

In the city centre, a police officer may also require anyone causing anti-social behaviour in a public place to stop drinking alcohol and require them to surrender anything believed to be an alcohol container. It is an offence to refuse any such order and continue to consume alcohol. These powers have been granted to aid police to address the increase in street drinking related anti-social behaviour witnessed by the police, CCTV operators and members of the public. The PSPO does not prevent those licensed premises with outdoor seating from serving alcohol.

Signage will be in place to remind people of the restrictions, and anyone found to be in breach of the PSPO could be issued with an on-the-spot Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) up to £100. Failure to pay a FPN could lead to prosecution and a fine on conviction up to £1,000.

Cllr Dominic Muns, Cabinet Member for Environment, said: Our thanks goes to everyone who took part in the consultations on the proposed order for Salisbury.

Putting a Public Spaces Protection Order in place on an area is not ever done lightly, but in this instance the response was overwhelmingly in favour of it being brought in.

We want our residents to be reassured that we take anti-social behaviour seriously, a key priority in our business plan is to safeguard our residents. Once the enforcement of the order begins, we hope that it will help to act as a deterrent and reduce the instances of anti-social behaviour that are being seen currently in the city and surrounding areas.

Inspector Tina Osborn, from the Salisbury community policing team, said, We have worked closely with our partners in delivering this PSPO.  I would like to thank the local residents and businesses for engaging in the consultation process and pleased to see that this action was in the main supported. 

Tackling anti-social behaviour associated with drinking alcohol in public places and the use of catapults or such items, is a key priority for the police and this PSPO will be one tool for officers to use to deal with such issues.

To find out more about the PSPO for Salisbury, maps of the areas involved and what is included in the order, people can visit

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