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Wiltshire Council looking to offer City Hall on a long-term lease following recent insightful market engagement

Published 11 January 2024
City Hall Salisbury

Following a recent insightful market engagement process, Wiltshire Council is looking to offer City Hall, Salisbury on a long-term lease to ensure it continues to thrive as an entertainment venue for many years to come.

Wiltshire Council recently engaged with providers in order to help the council establish the most positive and viable way forward for the venue. In considering all the feedback the council received during this process, it is now looking at offering the venue to organisations on a long-term lease, stipulating that it remains as an entertainment venue. Wiltshire Council will retain ownership of the venue.

The council is now in the process of seeking a market provider that will help support it to identify suitable organisations that could take on the lease, using their expertise to ensure City Hall is only taken on by the most suitably placed organisation to give it the very best opportunity to succeed in the long-term.

As City Hall has a status as an Asset of Community Value (ACV), the council has to inform the Local Planning Authority of the 'intention to enter into a relevant disposal' of the site when there are plans being considered to introduce a future lease is in excess of 25 years in length. This is a technical and legal process that the council has carry out, however it remains fully committed to reopening City Hall as an entertainment venue.

Wiltshire Council Leader. Cllr Richard Clewer, said: We're pleased to have reached this stage of the process because, as we've stated all along, we are fully committed to reopening City Hall as a thriving entertainment venue and see it as key part of the city's future.

Following our recent procurement exercise and market engagement work it clearly emerged that looking to offer City Hall out on a long-term lease was the most suitable option and will give the venue the best possible chance of long-term success.

If we secure an organisation to take on the venue we will remain as owners and ensure that the venue is retained as an entertainment venue, which will complement the overall cultural quarter vision we have for the city.

These is still work to do before we can confirm any final arrangements, but we're excited about the future and look forward to securing a provider through a rigorous process as soon as possible.

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