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Wiltshire Council unveils its new business plan, outlining its strategy for the next 10 years

Wiltshire Council has published its draft business plan 2022-2032, which sets out the council's mission and its 10-year ambition for the county.

Published 17 January 2022
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Wiltshire Council has published its draft business plan 2022-2032, which sets out the council's mission and its 10-year ambition for the county.

The plan is based on four guiding themes, which underpin all that the council aims to achieve throughout the ten-year period. These themes are:

1. Prevention and early intervention

We take a long-term view, focusing on what is right for Wiltshire and invest in prevention and early intervention to tackle problems before they get worse. We have a whole life approach to planning and providing services for our residents. This includes our ambition to reach net zero carbon. 

2. Improving social mobility and tackling inequalities 

In everything we do, we consider the impact of the action on social mobility and ask how we can help to tackle the disparities in opportunity that exist within Wiltshire. 

3. Understanding communities

We ensure our dialogue with communities is open, transparent and inclusive, in the right place and at the right time so that our services meet our distinctive local need.

4. Working together

We design and deliver our services in partnership with service users, local communities, the voluntary sector and other public sector partners where appropriate. We collectively consider how to integrate our work, get maximum value for public sector spend and plan our use of the public sector estate together.

The plan seeks to ensure the council seamlessly delivers support for its residents as a single organisation, while working closely with its partners. It focuses on key broad priorities: Empowering People, a Resilient Society, a Thriving Economy and a Sustainable Environment, as well as looking at the culture and performance of the council itself.

Commenting on the plan, Cllr Richard Clewer, Leader of Wiltshire Council, said: The pandemic has reaffirmed just how strong and resilient our communities are, and this draft business plan shows how we will help to provide the best possible opportunities for communities to grow and prosper.

The Business Plan lists our aims and priorities in each area but critically also includes metrics through which we can measure performance over time to ensure we are actually delivering them. It is backed up by Service Delivery Plans and detailed metrics for each area of work.

The plan clearly sets out our long-term strategic goals as a council and as an administration, what we want to achieve and how we intend to do deliver it. It is important to note that we can only be successful by working closely with our local communities and partners, as we cannot achieve anything in isolation.

The draft plan will now be scrutinised by our Overview and Scrutiny Committee, before it is presented to Cabinet and then Full Council to be ratified and finally published alongside our budget for the coming year.

To read the draft plan, people should go to: Document Business Plan 2022 | Wiltshire Council (opens new window)

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