Parenting courses

Parenting courses can provide support and guidance to parents and carers if you're struggling with the behaviour of a child, would like support to address issues around parenting teenagers or are simply seeking some hints and tips on parenting in the company of other parents and carers.

Our courses can help you find new ways and ideas to strengthen relationships with your children and young people, how to problem solve, reduce stress and understand and guide behaviour. You'll be encouraged to build upon your existing skills and learn from other parents and carers, allowing you to see that you're not on your own.


Parental Relationship Courses 

Being a parent is tough. Being a parent when your relationship with your partner or ex-partner isn't going well is even tougher. There are times when we are all under stress but whilst conflict is part of normal family life, sometimes it can become destructive and get in the way of managing everyday life 

We offer two course that can support:- 

Best Start in Life Toolkit

This toolkit provides clear, simple key messages to promote positive health and wellbeing in its widest sense to support children in Wiltshire to have the Best Start in Life. The information is relevant from conception through to 5 years and recognises that health and wellbeing is influenced by a range of individual, community and environmental factors.

Best Start in Life Toolkit

Five to Thrive approach

The success of Five to Thrive is founded on the fact that it is not a rigid, one-size-fits-all programme. Rather, an array of resources, tools and training content that is available to help tailor a strategy that best fits with local needs and aims.

Central to the five to thrive approach is the set of five key activities:

  • Respond
  • Engage
  • Relax
  • Play
  • Talk

These are our 'building blocks for a healthy brain'. They are drawn from research into the key processes of attachment and attunement that forge bonds between young children and their carers. Crucially, they are designed to support positive feedback processes, enabling practitioners to observe and reinforce positive interaction between adults and children.

FACT - Five to Thrive: Attachment, Trauma and Resilience Training

If you think a child or young person is at risk of significant harm, or is injured, contact the Integrated Front Door (IFD) on 0300 4560108, 8.45am-5pm, Monday-Thursday and 8.45am-4pm Friday; Out of Hours 0300 456 0100. If there is immediate danger, phone the police or emergency services on 999.