Grey squirrels

The adult squirrel is approximately 25 cm long, with a 23 cm tail and weighs about 500 grams. Squirrels survive in woodland which provides cover (including suburban parks and gardens).

They have long been recognised as a pest in woodland areas but they are also a problem in domestic areas.

There are two breeding seasons each year:

  • February and March and the young leave the nest (or drey) in April/June
  • June and July and the young leave the nest in August/September

Each litter averages 3 to 4 young. Nests are usually constructed in the fork of a tree between 2 and 15 metres above ground level.

The nest is lined with moss, grass or animal fur.

They are mainly vegetarian and eat the seeds of trees, fruits, berries, buds and young shoots, but on occasion they eat grain, fungi, birds eggs and young nestlings. 

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