The common house mouse is usually 6 - 9 cm from nose to base of tail and the tail can be at least double the length of the body at up to 10 cm long.

They are usually light brown and grey and weight less than 25 grams.

Unlike rats they can survive without water obtaining their moisture from food sources. Mice use ultrasound to communicate and have very sensitive hearing.

Mice live in nests and use various materials to form them, usually paper, wool and material, the nests can be found close to food sources and usually within houses or buildings such as in loft spaces, cavities or under floor boards.

Access to houses and buildings can be made through cracks as small as 0.5cm with the mice able to squeeze though.

Mice will eat most food, but prefer cereal products, they are happy to gnaw through most solid objects to reach the food source.

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