Pests we do not treat

Animals not covered by our services:


  • Wiltshire Council does not treat bees due to the drastic decline in bee numbers over the last few years.
  • Honey Bee swarms are usually seen from April to July depending on weather conditions, information on how to identify bees can be found online. Swarms of honey bees can be collected by your local bee keeper. If you see a swarm of honey bees or have found one  please contact your local British Bee Keepers Association Member who may be able to collect the swarm. and safely re home it.
  • If you think you have a bumble bee nest  it is best to leave them alone as they are very unlikely to sting you and they are very effective pollinators. if you would like further information on Bumble Bees information is available from the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.
  • If we attend for a wasp treatment and it is bees then our standard call out fee will be charged.


  • Wiltshire Council does not currently carry out any treatments to reduce pigeons commercially - However can offer bird proofing for commerical customers at certain times of the year, please contact us if interested
  • For more information see pigeons fact sheet in download section


  • Wiltshire Council does not treat ants, however products to deal with ant problems can be found in hardware stores
  • Ants live in nests but travel to find food
  • To prevent ants ensure that sugary foods are kept in sealed containers and all food spillages are cleaned up removed


  • Wiltshire Council currently only treat cluster fly infestations
  • If you are a business we can however supply and service Electric Fly Killers so please Pest Control - Contact us for further information
  • For more information on fly infestations see fact sheet in download section


  • Wiltshire Council does not currently treat seagulls
  • The RSPB has issued a Briefing Statement on urban gulls for local authorities and the public which has useful information on the law and seagulls see fact sheet in download section

Biscuit Beetles

  • Wiltshire Council does not treat biscuit beetle infestations
  • For more information on biscuit beetle infestations see fact sheet in download section


Wiltshire Council does not offer treatment to destroy spiders as they are generally not harmful and do not cause damage to property. How to prevent spiders in your home.

  • Remove spider webs
  • Vacuum frequently
  • Fill in any wall gaps and cracks
  • Remove clutter that would make accommodation for spiders
  • Make your home less attractive to the spider's prey with good lighting


  • Wiltshire Council does not treat foxes as it is unusual for foxes to enter homes and property
  • Ways to prevent foxes coming into gardens and information on the characteristics of foxes and answers to common questions about how to control them, may be found on the RHS website
  • Further information and publications about the control of Foxes can be found from Natural England


  • Wiltshire Council does not treat woodworm