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Latest progress

There are a number of Town and Parish Council's developing Neighbourhood Plans across Wiltshire. Once a Neighbourhood Plan is initiated there are a number of stages that the plan must go through before it is "Made" and forms part of the development plan which forms the basis for determining planning applications. 

Contained on this page you will find all the latest news on the Neighbourhood Plans that are in progress across Wiltshire. The latest news on each Neighbourhood Plan can be found by opening up the relevant drop down box from the list below. Wiltshire Council will update the information in these boxes when the Neighbourhood Plan in question reaches a key stage, including neighbourhood area designation, publicising a plan proposal (Regulation 16 consultation), examination, referendum and results of the referendum.

This page is structured in plan alphabetical order as follows: 

Information on any Neighbourhood Plans that have been formally "made" can be found on the  Made plans page.

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