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Local Plan Review

What is the Wiltshire Local Plan

A local plan forms part of the development plan for the future of the local area, drawn up by the local planning authority in consultation with the community.  By law, all planning applications for new development must be determined in accordance with the development plan unless material circumstances indicate otherwise.

Wiltshire Council has to maintain up-to-date plans to support growth, so there is enough land for homes, jobs and the infrastructure necessary to support them. Having an up-to-date plan helps protect against speculative and unplanned development that might undermine sustainable and resilient communities.

The Wiltshire Local Plan currently comprises a number of documents which in combination plan for the future development of the local area. They are the  Wiltshire Core Strategy, the Chippenham Site Allocations Plan and various Minerals and Waste plans.

Made neighbourhood plans are also part of the development plan but not part of the local plan.

Latest Updates

Helping to shape Wiltshire's plan to 2036

Wiltshire Council is reviewing the Wiltshire Core Strategy adopted in January 2015 (to be recast as the Wiltshire Local Plan) which identifies land for development for the period to 2026.  A review is required as the Government encourages local planning authorities to review their Local Plans every five years, and in order to prepare the review in good time, it is necessary to commence work now.

An initial consultation asked about the issues the review should address in order to plan for the period to 2036. The consultation documents included:

Both were prepared to stimulate discussion on how the review of the Wiltshire Local Plan should be carried out.  At this stage no decisions have yet been made on the future locations for growth and development. Further information on this consultation can be found further down this page.

Informal Consultation Oct-Nov 2018

Following the Issues and Options Consultation in November December 2017, a number of parish events were held in October 2018 to help develop our thinking further on planning for new homes to 2036. Specifically, the events helped to address the following questions:

  1. How can approximately 44,000 homes be distributed across Wiltshire, with a focus on Wiltshire's market towns and principal settlements, to maintain the role and function of those places and promote sustainable development?
  2. How can policies within the Local Plan support proportionate housing growth outside named market towns and principal settlements (the rural area) and support the role of neighbourhood plans?

A report on the events can be found below.

Issues Consultation Nov-Dec 2017