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Privacy notice - Spatial Planning and Data Protection

Spatial Planning and Data Protection

There are strict regulations on what personal information we can collect and store, how we can use and process that personal data, who we are allowed to share with, and who we must pass data to when ordered to do so.

You have rights in respect of your data which include the right to request your personal information from us; we must reply to you within strict timescales giving you the information you asked for, or tell you why we cannot give it to you.

For further information about data protection at Wiltshire Council, visit the Data protection web page.

Privacy Notice

This notice covers the treatment of personally identifiable information that the Spatial Planning Department collects.

To see further information about how and why your data is processed and your rights, please see the Data Subject Information Notice further down this page.

Data Subject Information Notice

The Spatial Planning Data Subject Information Notice below provides you with further information about how and why your data is processed, the retention schedule placed on information and your rights.

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