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Tobacco control

Creating smokefree environments

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Details can be found on Smokefree Wiltshire

Enforcement and legislation

The illicit tobacco market is in long-term decline but remains a problem in some communities. It undermines tobacco-control measures, including taxation and age of sale regulations, enabling children to start a lethal addiction and encouraging smokers to smoke more than if they were paying full price. Criminal activity in the illicit trade tends to target smokers in deprived areas, increasing health inequalities further.

In Wiltshire, effective approaches are coordinated across the county by public health team and enforcement partners to collaboratively reduce the demand for and the supply of illicit tobacco. Evidence-based social marketing and public relations campaigns, such as the Illegal Tobacco Campaign, have managed to raise awareness of the issue and also helped us develop the needed intelligence to tackle the issue of illicit tobacco.

Standardised packaging

In May 2016, the UK became the second country in the world to implement standardised packaging for tobacco products. On the same day the revised Tobacco Products Directive, which included a number of revisions to tobacco packaging, was implemented. 

More than 23,000 young people in England and Wales start smoking before they are 15 due to exposure to smoking in the home.

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