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Children and young people healthy weight

Wiltshire Council is committed to supporting young people to live in an environment that supports healthier lifestyles and whilst many of these challenges we face may take some time to take effect, we hope this page will give you the information you need to make the first step whether it is for yourself as a young person or as a parent for your child.

Children and young people today are growing up in an 'obesogenic' environment, which means they are faced with factors that make it easy to be overweight, such as more access to unhealthy foods and not being physically active. We have takeaways and fast food restaurants open during the day on the walk home from school, as parents we have safety concerns around children playing out in the street and there are more opportunities to sit in front of a TV or a gaming station.

Top Tips for healthy weight in children and young people

What support is available for children and young people?

Weight management service case studies

Icon for pdf Health Trainer service case study [357.81KB]

Icon for pdf Healthy Me participant case study [427.23KB]

Icon for pdf Healthy Me parent case study [386.71KB]