Kerbside recycling

Help us achieve our goal of recycling more of Wiltshire's waste by putting your plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays, drink cartons, cardboard, paper, tins and cans, into your blue-lidded bin or bag (keep items loose; don't put them inside each other, and never put them in a carrier bag inside your recycling bin or bag). Glass bottles and jars should go in your black box.

What you can put in your blue-lidded bin

What you can put in your black box

Clean glass bottles and jars should be placed in your black box. If it is full, you can put any extra glass into a separate, open carrier bag (not a black bag) and place it next to your black box. If you frequently find you have extra recycling, you can order a second black box.

  • Clean glass bottles (leave the lids on)
  • Clean glass jars (leave the lids on)

What you must not put in your black box

  • Flat glass
  • Pyrex or any oven proof cookware
  • Lightbulbs

How can I recycle other items?

Other plastics 

Many items, including clean plastics such as plant pots, packaging and rigid plastics including toys and garden furniture, can be recycled at your local household recycling centre.

Many supermarkets have collection points for carrier bags and plastic films, you can find these using a recycling location locator.

Clothing and textiles

If textiles and shoes are in good condition, please consider donating them to charity as it helps them to raise funds. Textiles are also accepted at our household recycling centres.

Other items

Used cooking oil, batteries, mobile phones, glasses, CDs, DVDs and more - the list is long. You can see a full list on the individual household recycling centre.

Many supermarkets have collection points for batteries or you could check if there are drop off points for other materials at TerraCycle.

Need help putting your bin out?

If you find it difficult to put out your rubbish and recycling bins or bags, you can apply online for an assisted collection.

Apply for assisted collections