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Register a death

What to do after someone dies

Things you need to do

Book a death registration appointment

Book online  Booking online is currently suspended.

Due to current COVID-19 situation we can only offer Tell Us Once Part 1 at the time of a telephone registration.

In person or by phone

COVID-19 Information and Death Registrations

Due to the current COVID-19 situation we are only offering telephone death registration appointments.  You must book your appointment by telephoning 0300 003 4569.  The customer services officer will book you an appointment slot and you will need to be available for one hour from the start time of that appointment for the Registrar to contact you to conduct the registration.   We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but these measures are in place to protect both our customers and staff.

How much will it cost?

The service is free of charge. To deal with the deceased's estate, you may need to purchase death certificates which are certified copies of the register entry. These may be required for banks, building societies, insurance claims, solicitors and some pension schemes. There is a fee for each certificate issued.

Tell us once

This service enables you to notify various National and Local Government agencies that the death has taken place. Currently we can only guarantee that we can complete Part 1 of this process.  You will be provided with contact details to complete the remaining information online or by telephone.  We offer this as part of your death registration appointment.  Tell us once

Book online

In person or by phone