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Salisbury Central Area Framework

    Salisbury is a wonderful place to live, visit and work. However, the city centre faces challenges which threaten its vibrancy and the livelihoods of those that depend on it. This includes the impacts of climate change, flood risk, the effects of the 2018 nerve agent attacks, the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, changing shopping habits, and unaffordability of homes.

    Wiltshire Council has produced the Salisbury Central Area Framework (CAF) which is an overarching strategy to help shape the future of the city centre and enable it to respond positively to these challenges. The CAF makes a series of recommendations to guide future developments, initiatives and policies for the city centre with the aim of bringing positive change to the city and making it an even more vibrant, attractive and sustainable place to live, work and visit. These recommendations will be taken forward by Wiltshire Council and its partner organisations.

    Icon for pdf Download the Salisbury Central Area Framework [3.3MB]

    Icon for pdf Download the Salisbury Central Area Framework summary [1.55MB]

    Public consultation on the CAF

    Wiltshire Council sought views from the public on the priorities, proposed themes and objectives of the CAF in the summer of 2019, and this feedback was fed back into a revised version of the document. A further consultation on the revised CAF was carried out at the beginning of 2020, which fed into the final version that can be downloaded above.

    You can find out about the consultation process and outcomes in the reports of the two stages of public consultation in the download area below.

    Icon for pdf Download the 2019 CAF Consultation Report [5.91MB]

    Icon for pdf Download the 2020 CAF Consultation Report [6.13MB]


    CAF projects and initiatives

    During the two public exhibitions which formed part of the consultation on the CAF at the beginning of 2020, Wiltshire Council presented a number of projects which were being planned to be taken forward by the Council and its partners. The section below sets out a summary of each of these projects, and this will be updated as and when the projects are developed further. There will be further engagement and consultation on these proposals as they are progressed. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to provide their comments.


    Salisbury River Park

    The River Park is the centrepiece of the Salisbury Central Area Framework and is a collaborative project between Wiltshire Council and the Environment Agency to reduce flood risk to various areas in the city, to provide environmental improvements and opportunities for biodiversity, to improve leisure and recreation and to support the regeneration of the Maltings and Central Car Park area. It will be transformational and provide a lasting legacy for future generations.

    The River Park will deliver a green infrastructure link through the centre of the city, incorporating the rivers that run through The Maltings and Central Car Park at its core, extending to the Ashley Road/Fisherton Recreation Ground to the north, and towards Elizabeth Gardens to the south.

    The outcomes being sought through the delivery of the River Park are:

    • To reduce flood risk on the Maltings and Central Car Park site and enable strategically important redevelopment of the central car park.
    • To reduce flood risk to existing residents and businesses in central Salisbury and the Ashley Road area.
    • To improve and enhance the internationally designated habitat and ecology of the River Avon watercourse and its margins.
    • To create new and improved spaces for public enjoyment of the river and dwell time in the city centre, in line with the endorsed Masterplan for the Maltings and Central Car Park.
    • To build climate change resilience, in response to the climate emergency.

    The council, with support from the Environment Agency, Salisbury City Council and the Swindon and Wiltshire Local Economic Partnership have drafted a Masterplan which sets out guiding principles for development of the River Park to be delivered in phases over the coming years.

    Public consultation on the Salisbury River Park

    The Salisbury River Park proposals were the subject of public consultation that took place between Thursday 19th November 2020 and Friday 8th January 2021. 

    The consultation was split into two parts:

    Part 1 asked for feedback on the consultation draft of the Salisbury River Park Masterplan, which sets the guiding principles for the development of the whole of the River Park, to be delivered over a number of phases.

    Part 2 asked for feedback on the Environment Agency's draft detailed proposals for Phase 1 of the River Park that will form part of a planning application in Spring 2021. The Phase 1 project is to be part-funded by the Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership (SWLEP) via the Local Growth Fund. Details about the Environment Agency's Phase 1 draft proposals can be found on their own dedicated website.

    Public consultation webinars

    During the consultation period Wiltshire Council and the Environment Agency hosted two online webinar events where a presentation about the project was given, along with an opportunity for members of the public to ask questions.

    Recordings of the webinars are available on the council's YouTube channel at:

    Click here to view the Icon for pdf Q&A document [195.8KB] that accompanies this webinar.

    Click here to view the Icon for pdf Q&A document [123.0KB] that accompanies this webinar.

    Next steps

    Over the consultation period, 184 responses to the Salisbury River Park consultation were received.

    Officers at Wiltshire Council are currently in the process of analysing the responses that were received that relate to Part 1: the Salisbury River Park Masterplan. A full summary, including responses to each of the points of feedback that were raised, will be presented as part of a Consultation Report. A copy of this report will be distributed to all those who responded to the consultation. This report will also be presented to the council's Strategic Planning Committee alongside a revised version of the Salisbury River Park Masterplan for endorsement, which is expected to be in June 2021, alongside the Environment Agency's Phase 1 planning application.

    The Environment Agency will be using the responses received relating to the Part 2: Draft Phase 1 proposals to inform the final designs for the Phase 1 proposals. It is expected that a full summary and responses will be presented in a Statement of Community Involvement to accompany the forthcoming planning application to be submitted by the Environment Agency in Spring 2021.


    Fisherton Street Gateway

    This project forms part of Wiltshire Council's submission to central government under the Future High Streets Fund bid. If successful, this project will provide a new welcoming entrance to the city. Various interventions at key areas along Fisherton Street are proposed to help improve visitors' first impression of the area, make it far more people friendly and to help draw people into the city centre. The concept is based around independent traders and building on the vibrant and varied mix of arts, cultures and artisans who currently occupy the street.

    Icon for pdf CAF exhibition display about improvements to Fisherton Street [1.99MB]


    Station Quarter

    This project will transform the arrival experience at Salisbury's railway station, and links in with the proposals that are put forward for the Fisherton Street Gateway project. Various interventions will be proposed to improve quality of the public realm around the station, including an enhanced travel interchange, improved Stonehenge visitor experience, improved wayfinding, landscaping and car parking facilities. This project will be the subject of a Masterplan and is subject to a successful bid for funding.

    Icon for pdf CAF exhibition display about improvements to the Station Quarter [1.55MB]


    People Friendly Streets

    This is a project being led by Wiltshire Council's Highways team with the intention of improving walking and cycling routes in and out of the city centre to deliver on the CAF's 'people-friendly streets' theme. To find more out visit People Friendly Streets Salisbury

    Icon for pdf CAF exhibition display about defining a street hierarchy [1.62MB]


    Illuminating Salisbury

    The Illuminating Salisbury project will provide an outdoor visitor light attraction that will illuminate the stories of Salisbury's rich heritage. Through the development of the CAF, Wiltshire Council engaged with the local community about stories and experiences of Salisbury with a view to creating storyboards for the illumination show. This project is subject to a successful bid for funding.

    Icon for pdf Caf exhibition display about Illuminating Salisbury [1.26MB]


    Public arts

    As part of the inception of the CAF, public art consultants were appointed to advise on the  commissioning of public art and lighting artists to create high quality public realm interventions in Fisherton Street. This project is subject to a successful bid for funding.



    As part of the inception of the CAF, Wayfinding consultants were appointed to deliver a Wayfinding Strategy which will inform the delivery of significant improvements to the signage infrastructure in the city, to support visitors' experience of moving through the city. This project is subject to a successful bid for funding.

    Icon for pdf CAF exhibition about public art and wayfinding [3.0MB]


    Heritage Trail app

    Wiltshire Council are developing a Salisbury Heritage Trail app for a smart phone. It will be targeted towards tourists as well as local residents and those in outlying areas giving them more reasons to explore Salisbury's heritage, histories and mysteries.